Coffee Pots

I like my coffee.


When I have time I make coffee on the stovetop but when I’m rushing out to the garden or on holiday and don’t have stove or espresso maker I use Lavazza’s instant coffee.

I used to buy those very handy coffee filters that sit onto your mug and are very lovely. But. It’s so much waste. No way on earth I could keep doing that so I switched over to instant.

I use this coffee

And then I am left with pots that are much easier to recycle but also…upcycle.


Mine are turned into beautiful little plant pots. I use a small awl to poke holes into the bottom of the tins and use the lids as bases. Simple as that. You could paint them. I don’t, I like that they are obviously upcycled.

These make me happy because I need to buy fewer pots and I don’t have to try and get rid of my coffee pots.


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