Best, Best Western


A little while ago I emailed my local Best Western with a rather odd request. The email subject was “Jam and David Attenborough” just so that they were prepared for the weird going into it.

I asked if it was possible to have some of their little 1oz individual condiment jars if they didn’t have a plan for recycling them.


The members of staff I spoke to were beyond brilliant and I have already picked up two collections of tiny jars.

I have got mini citronella-scented candles, hand cream with honey, face cream, seed collections and aloe burn cream. My next project is going to be potting up some spice mixtures.


The reason I wanted to use these little jars is that I want to stop buying things new so that I am contributing less to products being manufactured, to use glass instead of plastic and to reuse something that would otherwise not be used.


I am so very grateful to everyone at my Best Western from the people who put the jars aside, those who pass them over to me, and the lovely staff who let me do this.

After I washed out the little pots and sorted through them (saving some with jam in to put out for the birds to dip their beaks into when it was snowing!) I got the labels off all of them. Some of them were very sticky and so I used decoupage paper to cover those. The ones that were not sticky I covered with a lace-cut black tape. I’ve also go awesome little labels to use that just fit on the lids or bases.

Wanting nothing to go to waste I have also made use of the buckets that they were given to me in. I have put holes in the bottom and turned them into planters.


This has been so much fun, so rewarding and fits in beautifully with what I hope to achieve.


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