The Shallow End

DSCN8555 (2)

There is a lot to be said for jumping straight into a project, enthusiasm and feet first.

You have momentum, determination and a clear idea in your head of what you want to be doing. There is no drag, no sense of waiting.

On the other hand, planning can be useful. You have more tools at your disposal, you are not walking into something blind.

I have taken the shallow-end approach to having a little bit of land, a homestead, a smallholding. I know that this is where I want to be in the next ten years or so but I am going to spend the time until I get some land as wisely as I can. I am trying to build up skills that will come in useful. I am putting together as much equipment, odds and ends as I can find.

There are two things that I really value about the slow approach. It gives you time to be certain in your choices. Sure, I may have a garage full of pallets, off grid cookbooks, scraps and tools I have picked up but that isn’t a huge commitment. I can realise at any point that I’m heading down the wrong path and change my mind.

The second benefit is cost. I have the luxury of looking for things as cheaply as possible. I can wait to find just the right things at just the right price. I am looking for a trailer to buy but I will wait until I see just the right one at a price that fits in with my budget because I can.

Of course the downside is the waiting. The sense of never getting closer to your dreams. The fear that it will never happen. But we keeping making baby steps and trying to find the benefits not the negatives.


NB: my computer is at the doctors and I’ve been away on holiday – just to explain the long gap between posts!

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