Barter Box


This is my special projects barter box.

When I try new processes, new products and ideas I put the spares into this box. I am hoping that one day I will have products of enough value in it that people will be willing to trade with me for their own produce.

It’s a very long way off happening but it brings me joy everytime I get to add something to the box.

In the picture you can see my seashell candles, four different types of herbal tea, a stack of beeswax wraps and lots of soap all tucked up in newspaper.

Today’s project is to make some produce bags ready to use this weekend at a Zero Waste pop up in Nottingham.

2 thoughts on “Barter Box

  1. Neat idea! I’m hoping to start learning to make soaps and the like one everything is going. It’d be good to have a ‘dud’ or ‘experiment’ box for bartering. I love the jars of tea in yours, and your candles are really neat!


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