Under The Weather


I started using the phrase ‘under the weather’ to describe when my depression was bad because it meant that friends/family knew what I was saying without my needing to use any triggering words.

However it’s actually a really good way of putting it.

I’m in one of my lowest patches that I have been for years. My mental health is very well looked after by my doctors. ALL PRAISE THE NHS. And I have a great team. But this is nothing to do with them and just one of the bad times that inevitably come.

I feel like the weight on the sky is pushing down on me. I do feel like I am underneath the weather. A building pressure.

There’s something about being able to read the signs of coming weather – to notice the small changes and be aware that a storm is coming. And that sometimes it can still just creep up on you from nowhere.

I’m going to talk a bit more about my depression and anxiety to help make things clearer for myself and also to let people into my head, to try and open up the illness a little more. I’ll tag those posts #undertheweather so you can avoid them if this triggers you or seek them out if you are interested.

I am going to try and take care of myself and remember how to be kind to me. Be kind to yourselves too.


8 thoughts on “Under The Weather

  1. Write it out! It’s good for you and you deserve it, I know what you mean and I’m trying to be more kind to myself actually. Sometimes we’re just not feeling it and we don’t have the energy to try anything. But you are strong and you can make it! I also have a blog on my struggles called Tabula Rasa if you want to check it out, I post about my life in general 😀

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