I hate waste. Throwing things away that can and should be used again.

This week it was crystallized honey at the bottom of several jars. I’d been saving them for a while so I had quite a bit. I was waiting to think of something to do with it all. I was thinking maybe a body scrub or added into some goat milk soap.

Then I found something else I didn’t want to throw away. I had been playing around with a mixture of herbs steeped in brandy to act as a nice throat soother added into tea for this flu season. Once I had strained off the liquid I was left with a piles of brandyish herbs. Perfect for throat lozenges.

I’m not a big fan of the amount of sugar in throat soother sweets but sometimes with a tickly cough it’s just what I want. So instead of buying them I decided to try making a batch.


I took the leftover soaked herbs and simmered them in water until it reduced by about half.

As that was simmering I got all my honey and melted it down with some ginger extract and cinnamon. Yum.


Next I strained the herbs and added half a cup of the liquid to 250 grams of honey (see, so much sweet!).

Then I boiled this until it reached hardball stage and poured it into a silicone tray.


And let them cool, snapped them into lozenge sized bits and popped them into a jar to wait until I needed them.


Labour intensive? Sure. A lovely way to spend an afternoon? Absolutely.


[Point of fact, I am interested in ‘healing’ herbs due to their historical use and I am a huge nerd about ethnobotany. I am *not* a herbalist and I do *not* advocate for natural style remedies over seeing your GP and utilising the best of modern medicine.]

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