Brushing with Bamboo

What on earth sort of picture do you choose to go with a post about toothbrushes?!

Toothbrushes. Not the sort of thing I ever thought I would be blogging about.

This past Christmas I asked for gifts that would help me live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. I had a package of treats from EcoEgg and a set of four bamboo and castor bean toothbrushes from Nature & My.

It took me a long time to choose which bamboo toothbrushes I wanted because I tried to find the ones with the smallest footprint overall. I didn’t just want a toothbrush with a bamboo handle and plastic bristles. I wanted something that would vanish from existence leaving no trace behind. I have been reading about boar bristles, different types of nylon, and plastics, so many options.

Four toothbrushes cost £15 which is more than I would pay for a regular toothbrush but I don’t mind that.

What I mind is that it’s not a great toothbrush.

I wanted to love it, I wanted to rave about it and give them as gifts and convert all my friends. I can’t do that.

The head isn’t tapered so it’s hard to reach the back of your mouth, the bristles don’t get between your teeth and the head is just too big to reach some teeth. The backs of my teeth especially don’t feel clean enough.

On the plus side it is beautiful, it is very eco-friendly and ethical, it’s still a toothbrush and it mostly does work as any toothbrush should.

Now this is being very nitpicky and I know that it’s a case of values and balancing up what matters most. However I also had to have unexpected (not quite emergency, I waited a day) dental surgery at the start of the year. I don’t want to not be looking after my teeth properly!

I am not giving up, I want to find the right solution. I’d love to know if anyone else had used these brushes and had a better experience.

My next attempt is going to be with Swak brushes, they are a little less conventionally toothbrush-y but very ecologically friendly. If that doesn’t work for me then I am going to try Humble Brush as a better-than-most-but-not-as-eco-as-I-want option.

So, fellow people with teeth, has anyone else tried eco-friendly toothbrushes? Did you have a favourite? Have you found the right one for you or are you still looking? Any good or bad experiences with them? Let me know, and you each get a shiny penny for reading to the end of a blog post about *toothbrushes*!


7 thoughts on “Brushing with Bamboo

  1. You could also try the giving brush. It’s a also bamboo/plastic free tooth brush that is sold online. I got a few of them but haven’t tried them yet. It they don’t look like they’d have those issues that you mentioned

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  2. I have used Bamboo brushes for years….many different brands… And I have found that all off them start losing their bristles very quickly…. However I like that I can use them for kindling for my fire after they die. Double uses is always a plus! Let us know if you find one that works well….

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