2017 Parsnip Crop


A good crop one year is a blessing and a curse.
Back in 2013/4 I had a stunning parsnip crop. Beautiful veggies, really good condition, no rot in sight, and I left them long enough to get seeds from them.
I tried again in 2016 and had a handful of twisted roots, enough to make a roast dinner but not much else. In fairness to the plants themselves, it was a different garden with very different soil.
Not one to give up, especially when it comes to veg, I tried again in 2017. The roots did well but I didn’t get any seed for next year which is always disappointing to me. However we had a couple of good lots of roast parsnips and I pulled the majority of the crop this week to freeze for soup.
The Covent Garden Soup cookbook has a recipe for Parsnip and Parmesan soup which I first tried in Glen Lyon, Scotland. It is glorious and I make batches of it every year.
This time I partly prepared the parsnips, boiling and roasting them in parmesan before freezing so it will be super quick to make soup whenever I want it.
Although it wasn’t a great crop, it has given me a handful of lunches and if the trend continues then next year should be even better.

3 thoughts on “2017 Parsnip Crop

  1. Here in Utah we have County extension agents that we can call to help us troubleshoot what went wrong and even analyze the soil for us. Do you have anything like that there? I’m glad you have a few at least.

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